Best of 2018

My Best of 2018 What a wonderful year it has been and how humble I feel today. Creating a best of is special because of all the memories, all the hard work, all the joy, and all the love. It truly represents what I want to show: "The art of capturing Moments, through the hands of generations" Life is amazing!

"It's just a pinch!"

Somebody wise recently told me: "It's just a pinch!" We were talking about critiques and I told him that I felt nervous because all your faults are on display. Too be honest, I truly don’t care what others think. But, when someone tells you important, lifechanging stuff, and that person means a lot to you, you listen! For me that is the key. You should always listen to what others have to say, because it is simply free advice. But YOU decide what to do with it! Last year, another wise man wrote the following: “In order to avoid criticism, you should say nothing, do nothing and become nothing” That really stuck with me, as I was so afraid of people’s opinions I could even start to shake whil

My Style

Today I want to write a little bit about my style. As you can read in my previous blog, I went to Italy to attend a Fearless class about Moments. In wedding photography, we kind of drive each other crazy. Before I became a fulltime wedding photographer, I was a proud enthusiast. For a couple of years, I had so much fun shooting models, fashion and portraits with extreme hair and make-up concepts. They literally took all day, and we had a blast :-) But (for me) I could not find a way to earn money with it. Simply because there where so many photographers, models, stylists, and make-up artists trying to get into this business. So, it was all on a TFP agreement (Time For Prints - everybody did


I thought it was time to tell you a little bit about last week. It will be in English for two reasons, one: I can simply express myself better in English being half English myself and secondly: because of my new international friends. Last week I went to Italy, Florence, to attend the Fearless class about moments. Our teachers where Huy Nguyen and Tyler Wirken. (I could write a whole page just about them and the way they inspire, but that would simply take too long. So, go look them up: and Ok, let me just start at the beginning. I

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