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"It's just a pinch!"

Somebody wise recently told me: "It's just a pinch!"

We were talking about critiques and I told him that I felt nervous because all your faults are on display. Too be honest, I truly don’t care what others think. But, when someone tells you important, lifechanging stuff, and that person means a lot to you, you listen! For me that is the key. You should always listen to what others have to say, because it is simply free advice. But YOU decide what to do with it!

Last year, another wise man wrote the following: “In order to avoid criticism, you should say nothing, do nothing and become nothing”

That really stuck with me, as I was so afraid of people’s opinions I could even start to shake while listening to that. Now, I feel different, I trust people a lot more, and I trust myself a lot more. So, this means, I am learning like crazy and my heart fills with joy.

I am in awe that I have won another Fearless award, especially because it is an image that makes me smile, and think of my own grandparents. It’s that feeling that I wanted to share with this image. It’s about capturing generations and moments that are important for the family.

So… Somebody just pinch me now 😊

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