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Winner of Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography

Today something amazing happened, I can't fully believe it, but I won a very special award. I'm one of the 30 rising stars of wedding photography, granted by the very prestigious New York's Rangefinder Magazine. In my industry... it's kind of a big deal, and I am just so grateful, honored and humbled.

I know there are many talented photographers in this world... like.. so many. And therefore being awarded this way makes me go very quiet. Because why? Why me?

But maybe I think I know why... Two days ago I was asked to take pictures of a Diamond Wedding celebration. This couple have been married for 60 years. And for the people who know me... When I see people who have lived this earth for decades, my soul takes over. I am drawn to the stories, the memories, the energy.

At the end of my shoot, everyone was in tears. It was one of the most emotional shoots I've ever done. And I felt so grateful to have been part of it. And this feeling I have every time. And on the way back I wondered... why do I always feel this way? Like I am part of them? How is this possible, I don't even know them. And I realised... I might not know them.. but on a soul level we are all connected. And I have been given this amazing gift, that I can see and capture this. Deep, meaningful, soul moments.

Throughout the years I came to understandthat not everyone is granted this ability... So I am extremely happy to be able to do this and I will continue to do this for as long as it is possible.

This is the link to all the winners, and I'm super proud to be part of it.

Some editors words:

When asked to describe her photographic style, Kim den Hartog is quick to respond: “I kind of close my eyes and follow the energy.”

She continues: “I am a self-taught photographer who uses her subconscious to connect to people. Somehow, I feel it is not me taking the images, but something else inside of me—call it my soul, my subconscious, it doesn’t matter. All I know is that I don’t think when I shoot, I simply feel the energy and images come naturally. It’s not something I do on purpose; it is a creative outlet of my being.”

Again, I am very proud, humbled and a bit in awe...

I hope to continue my work through photography, hypnotherapy, speaking and writing. It's time people get connected with their true selves again and I want to help people find and see their own soul.


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