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Personal, very personal, interview by This is Reportage

Well, maybe it's time to share something personal with you. As some of my family and friends allready know, I love to write. And writing in English seems to work even better for me. That is why this, very personal blog, will be in English.

The year 2020 is going to go down as one of my most life changing years ever. And no, not because of Corona, although that added to the experience, but because my wonderful ex-husband and I got a divorce. I say wonderful, because that is exactly who he is. A wonderful dad, person and friend. And I'm thankful for who he is.

A divorce is painful, even when you go through it as best as possible, it is very painful. Painful for the one making the decision, painful for the one having to accept it. And when you have two amazing little girls together, it is even worse. Now, almost two years later, I've settled into my new lovely little home, it is our 'Little Woman's' home, full of colour and light, where we dance, draw, paint, sing and write. Where we dive deep into our hearts and souls and where we continue to grow, live, laugh and love. Me, Sam and Noor...

I'm happy. My ex-husband is happy and our girls our happy. And tomorrow we are still able to hold Sinterklaas together with the girls and I am truly grateful for that.

But a year ago, I was struggling. I could still continue working and shooting weddings, as somehow, the way I shoot is always the same. I simply forget myself and focus on the people around me. But it was a difficult year, one where I am grateful for all my friends, and also for my second shooters, who helped me so much.

During my divorce, I got asked to give an interview by This is Reportage, and I accepted. Never has anyone be able to interview me at a more vunerable time in my life, and that is what I was trying to be: as open and vunerable as possible. Because why would any of us wear any masks, when we all want the same: to love and to be loved.

You can listen to it if you are curious. Below is the link and a summary of the owner of This is Reportage, Alan Law, who is an amazing guy and interviewer btw :-)

I just hope it will inspire one person and that would make it all worthwile.

Delighted to be talking to the fab Kim Hart Fotografie for today’s episode. Kim is one of the best wedding photographers in the Netherlands, has won 7 Reportage Awards from us, and was just so lovely to talk to – she shares so much great advice and thoughts here. My eight year old daughter was listening to me working on this episode and she said ‘wow, she’s so inspiring!’, and I totally agree. Stick with us today as Kim shares all about:

  • life in the pandemic and home-schooling her girls,

  • the story behind one of her specific Reportage Awards,

  • her soft-spot for the elderly,

  • why she’s particularly drawn to black and white,

  • how she came to be a wedding photographer,

  • her first paid wedding,

  • what success means to her,

  • how she does her family photography,

  • the specifics of her she mentors or coaches,

  • the importance of conferences and meeting people,

  • McDonald’s 😉

  • why she personally enters awards,

  • her top tips for better documentary captures,

  • advice for just starting out,

  • a certain image that has had a particular impact on her,

  • and much more…

Me captured recently by the wonderful Denise Motz, always look up into the light and never forget to smile


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