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Never forgotten

October 16, 2019, the wedding of Silvy and Jan and their two beautiful children, surrounded by family and friends. Some months before, I've heard about their wedding. Jan, unfortunately, was very ill, fighting cancer, and it was their wish to get married together as a family. When I heard they would arrange their own photography through family and friends, I thought, no. No way this special day is going to be captured by iPhones. I know it might not seem much, or important. Photographers don't save lives, or change the world. What we want, is very simple: to capture precious moments. Moments that move people. Remind people. Touch people. So I asked if I could join them on their day and capture what I can. I felt honored to be allowed to come so close. To witness the purest and authentic wedding I have ever captured. The morning was full of smiles, of family moments, of extra icing sugar on pancakes, of three generations drinking tea together. Full of fun and jokes, with friends fighting ties and kids running around laughing trying to avoid getting dressed. Every look, the soft smiles, small hand gestures, hugs and cuddles. Everything was just perfect. The energy was that of real deep emotional love. Of life. Of family. Never was I more aware of every photo I took. I heard the news that this photo received a Fearless award, only weeks after Jan's passing. And I did not feel proud. I did not want to share this. So I asked Silvy for permission. To tell everyone, that time is precious. People are precious. Moments are precious. Never. Ever. Take a day for granted. Always tell the persons you care about, that you love them. And please be grateful, for this thing called life. You will be deeply missed Jan, but never forgotten.

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