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3 new awards from WPS!

Wauw... Great things are happening lately, I'm winning a lot of awards and I can't believe it. I just try to capture true emotions, real moments and special details that catch my eyes. And sometimes I did not even know I captured something amazing until I see it later, and sometimes my heart skips a beat when I do.

I also did not know I edited my images in a certain way. I have a strong love for black and white, and with some images I just want to create my own art. I don't do this for others, not my couples, nor for awards. It is truly something I see and do for myself, a feeling it gives me, and I need to take that frame and work on it.

Never did I imagine that others are going to like it to. But when some of them receive a award, I feel so amazed. So, I am just going to continue with this and hope I have a wonderful collection in a couple of years! Maybe I am an artist after all

I have joined the WPS since last month and send some images in, and three of them received an award. About Wedding Photography Select:

Wedding Photography Select (WPS) was set up one early afternoon in 2011 by a former wedding photographer and his partner. With an idea in our heads and a bee in our bonnet, we began to brainstorm ideas and began badly coding up a website. Realising the gap in the market for a wedding portal in the UK with the very best wedding photography in the world, the site was born. WPS has become much more than it was originally intended to be, growing month after month, showcasing the very best wedding photographers and wedding photography around the world. A lot of mistakes have been made and a lot of mistakes will continue to be made but that doesn't stop us. Originally WPS was created as a UK based wedding directory but over the years has grown internationally. We have worked hard to bring you the very best wedding photography in the world and we continue to work hard making WPS a better site and the only site to visit to find your wedding photographer. As the site grows you will find a wealth of information to help you plan your big day. At WPS we believe in inspirational wedding photography. We also believe that everyone has the right to a wedding photographer for their big day no matter how big or small the budget.

Here are my winning images:

Please also have a look at all the winning images:

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