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Let's Get Real (Moments)

"A real moment is a moment I can feel. A moment that touches my emotions and strikes a chord deep inside. To show real moments is to hold someones attention a bit longer because they can relate to it. For me real moments are everywhere, all the time. Its that time in space where memories are made."

Some days ago the following sentence caught my attention: What is a real moment for you? And I had to reply, because for me a wedding is all about real moments. You can find my response at the beginning of this post :-)

Yesterday I received a message from the Fearless community that my work was featured on Fearless and my heart skipped a beat. Why? Because this community brought so much inspiration and new friends in my life and I'm not a community kind of girl. It's because I genuine feel at home that I respect them so much.

But back to the reason I wanted to post today..

Real Moments. Thats what it is all about. Please let me quote some of the responses in the article that made me think YES!! That's what we mean!

- A real moment can be quiet or chaotic and everything in between. It unfolds naturally and it's up to the photographer to observe, anticipate and expect. (Eirik Halvorsen)

- This is likely the most incredible day in our clients' lives. Who are we to dictate the moments they remember? (Lina Orsino-Allen)

- Real moments at weddings are the ones where I get a glimpse of how big a gift it actually is for me to be invited to capture those moments and emotions. Where I feel so blessed to witness people connecting, often welling up in tears behind the camera. But from the emotion alone I know it will be great. (Christiane Eckl)

- Real is an excited bride seeing the final makeup look, meeting her father when he sees his girl all grown up. Real is the bridesmaids freaking out when they see the bride for the first time in full dress, the groom trying to hold back the tears when she (bride) walks down the

aisle. (Liezel Volschenk)

-Real moments to me are those spontaneous bursts of laughter from the most meek and humble guests, the unexpected tears of joy from the gruff, stone-faced father and the crimson flush of anger on the face of the aunt who's son just knocked over the cake. They are the moments that the couple miss and get to relive through our pictures because we captured their day as it was. (Geeshan Bandara)

- But what people sometimes forget is that the kids, family and nearest friends of the couple will have their moments too, tears laughter or maybe a finger up a nose. Real moments at weddings are moments that make you laugh, cry or love them but they make you feel something. (Mitzy Geluk)

So to sum it up: Real moments are about feelings.

And if you ask me what I do during a wedding, its feeling all that energy, knowing when its emotional, seeing little gestures, being there but not being noticed. Blending in like a ghost and taking everything in. Its my natural state and a blessing for me :-)

Please have a look at all the amazing moments captured by the worlds best wedding photographers and be dazzled.. and for my brides and grooms: just be in the moment and take it all in!

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