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When beautiful souls get married..

January 4th.. will we have snow? Or rain or sun? You never know when you get married in January.. but to be honest.. it really didn't matter.

Something really funny happended at the start of this wedding. My doorbell rang and when I opened the door.. Gerardo (the groom) stood there. Big smiles and all!

We discussed prior to the wedding that Karliens dad would pick me up so i could stay with them the whole day.. how funny that he was there! This seemed a good start of the day and it stayed that way!

Gerardo is from Mexico and met his wife at college in the Netherlands.. and his new wife is absolutely adorable! Stunning and sweet!

We were lucky because during our shoot it was almost dry and not that cold.. so we had a nice relaxed walk together. And when it did rain.. well why not go for a cup of coffee together!

It was a warm and sweet ceremony with a lot of love! And I'm so happy to be part of it! Thanks guys!

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