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Oh my god... I have been so busy that I have not mentioned many many things! But here it goes!

I have won another Fearless awards,

I have won another Master award,

I have won some new WPS awards, even got a money price and am in the top 10 international at the moment,

I have won a TiR award....

I have been a judge for the Uk&Ireland Masters awards and upcoming judge in the TiR awards...

all in all.. it has been one amazing quarter!

But we are in the middle of the wedding season where I am working my ass of on all the amazing weddings I am shooting, and there is some exciting news on that as well....

From now on, I come together with an amazing second shooter! The incredible Marli Eggelaar or Nina Haverkamp will join me, so I can concentrate on the moment even more than ever!

One happy me!!!!

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