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BEST OF 2019

Just before the end of 2019, I like to share my best off.

In this slideshow are some of my favorites and some amazing moments of this year's great couples who I like to thank for their trust.

Photography, how it is an expression of who I am, of how I view the world. A way to make people feel, capture time, make contact with beautiful souls. How I can't think of a life without it. The way it comforts me, how it sets my mind to ease, no matter how I feel, when I am behind the camera, the world slows down and the energy around me comes to life. I can not imagine doing anything else, so I won't. I will always pick up my camera and capture moments. It is what I do. That little bit I can give back to the world. And I feel damn lucky.

Let's hope 2020 will be a year of love.

That's what I wish for everyone!

Warm regards, Kim

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